At Zenith Agro Group, we grow quality Aquilaria trees found in abundance over South East Asia that deliver high grade Oud. With our cutting edge innovation, we produce top notch Oud oil which can be used in a whole spectrum of personal care, health care and food proucts.

Our access to a huge number of existing Oud trees in Asia, front line biotechnology and creative exchanging stages provide employment for the local communities.


  • Oud is the most rare and precious wood on the planet, prized for its rich, wonderful and healing fragrance.
  • The oud market, whether for oil, wood chips or medicinal end user applications, is growing rapidly.
  • The latest records from TradeMap indicate that recorded global trade in oud chips and powder in 2013 was 4.7 million kg, an 878% increase in volume from 1995
  • Oud oil, a by-product of oud, is an extremely valuable commodity that has been prized throughout history. It is now one of the most important ingredients in the fragrance industry, with one out of eight major fragrances containing oud.
  • Oud-based fragrances, with their intense smoky woodiness, are becoming a mainstay in modern perfumery; as a matter of fact many high-end fragrances use oud as a base note ingredient globally.