Oud Distillation

At Zenith Agro Group, the oud oil extraction process is carried out through hydro distillation. At the first stage of the distillation process, the oud is immersed in water. Then, the soaked wood is placed in huge boilers where the water evaporates along with the resin, and collected in the condenser where the oil floats to the top.


Distillation Process

Hydro distillation is considered the best method for the extraction of oud oil. The soaked wood chips is placed in a boiler unit and steam is passed through it. The heat opens the pores of the wood chips that contains the oil. Once open, the wood chips releases the oil in gaseous form, which is able to rise along with the steam. The vapours carrying them travel within a closed system towards the glass condensers, where cold water is used to cool the vapour. As it cools, it condenses and is transformed into a liquid state. This liquid is collected in a container, where the oils float towards the top while the water settles below. The oil is highly condensed and used in aromatherapy. This process determine the amount, quality and aroma of oil produced.