Oud Plantation Management

Zenith Agro Group provides oud plantation management services that is about integrating the whole ecosystem to achieve a sustainable environment for the plantation. Zenith Agro Group carefully identifies the different requirements suitable for plantations such as climatic conditions, soil, exposure to risk and water availability need to be taken into consideration for a long period of time.


Sustainability, to Zenith Agro Group, is the consideration of the needs of others such as nearby communities or rural residents living within or around the plantation.
We consider all aspects of legal, social and environmental legislation when developing our management strategies.


Our management services:

  • Plantation feasibility studies and site assessment
  • Plantation design
  • Management plans development
  • Contract management
  • Advice on harvesting
  • Marketing and harvesting of oud products
  • Product evaluation and inventory assessments
  • Sustainability evaluation
  • Seedling development
  • Management of plantation operations
  • Environmental management
  • Financial evaluation of oud investments