Zenith Agro Group is an international agri-business headquartered in Singapore, with a strong presence in Indochina. We are dedicated to producing ethically sourced and sustainable oud products of consistent high-quality. We also produce high-grade oud oil that deliver dependable excellence to all our clients.


Our mission is to become a leader in the sustainable and responsible agri-business. With a crops-to-consumer business model, we are committed to making a positive global impact by promoting fair trade and making environmentally sustainable choices.


We focus on bringing value to our clients by dominating the ever-growing market demand for sustainable products. Zenith Agro Group brings along a team of experts in the field of inoculation, forming resins that can later be extracted for oud oil. The different inoculation techniques cater for different market demands such as oil or wood used for ornaments. All the inoculants used by Zenith Agro Group are edible which can later be used even for doing medicines.